Extinguish fire fears for good (Our Goulburn Post ad)

On 29 March we had a full page feature ad in the Goulburn Post to help further our ambitions as a growing local business, if you missed this you can read the full text here and see the printed article below.

In some cases the only thing preventing a devastating loss of life, property or your business could be a well maintained fire safety system. Despite this, many people can be unsure of what makes their business ‘fire safe’, according to Dynamick Fire Installations director Michael Steedman & General Manager Kim Steedman

“Their systems could be aged, inadequate and simply not up to the task when called upon,” Michael said. “Fires can take hold within minutes and having the right equipment on hand can make all the difference, especially if they has been maintained correctly by qualified technicians.

That is why Dynamick Fire Installations prides itself on being an advocate for its customers and ensuring they understand their obligations when it comes to fire safety. The Goulburn-based business has been operating since January 2014, however Michael has been in the industry for 12 years.

The company is recognised by Fire Protection Association Australia, and is closely aligned with the work the association promotes. “We are completely invested in the training and support of our fire technicians,” Michael said. “Through motivation and continued education, our technicians can service their communities with confidence.”

FPA Australia has successfully developed the Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme (FPAS) to recognise competency of individuals conducting ‘inspect and test’ work activities on fire protection systems and equipment. Dynamick Fire Installations is the only locally owned company participating in this scheme to ensure correct maintenance practices on lifesaving fire protection systems.

“We are passionate about helping our customers meet their responsibilities regarding fire safety,” Kim said. “Customer service is paramount to all services that we provide, including customised service programs and prompt response to customer questions. All our field staff have been independently assessed as being competent and qualified to undertake the inspection and testing of fire protection equipment. You can call us whenever you need, and we will answer any question you have.”

The recent release of NSW Fire Safety Reforms 2017 has important changes that affect all business owners and operators. “If you are a business owner looking for someone to assess essential fire safety systems the new regulations require some types of fire protection work in NSW to be conducted by a ‘competent fire safety practitioner’ and you can find us on the Interim Fire Safety Assessor register at the FPA Australia website, or please phone us,” Michael said. The community minded business has also invested in Fire Mate, software that manages the scheduled service work to ensure the work is done when due.